Sunday, December 18, 2011

So I ended up in D.C. this weekend rather than New York; however, my round-trip ticket to Knoxville leaves from New York.  Ironically my ticket from New York has a layover in D.C. so I think maybe I can just ‘skip’ the first leg of that flight and get on in D.C. where I already am.  I call the airline (Continental) and they say ‘sure, let me check.’  I assume I’ll pay a $100 for the change to my flight, but for the convenience it’ll be worth.  The lady comes back and lets me know the change will cost $1137.00.  WHAT???

So now, rather than taking one flight from D.C. to Knoxville where I already am, I must spend my day in airports and flights… D.C. to JFK, JFK to D.C., D.C to Knoxville.  This isn’t logical, but as the airline representative let me know, you can’t really use logic with airline travel.  Comforting.

The weekend was fun either way, caught up on sleep after the very LONG trip, spent five a few hours at the Apple store trying to work out my computer problems*, went to a couple of museums, got to see a 3-d IMAX movie on the Hubble, which was really cool and had some great food, including Estadio (thanks for the rec Jen!).

*Wednesday my computer started acting buggy, taking 30+ minutes to start up so I was thankful I was only 4 or 5 flights away from an Apple store where I could take it to one of their Geni (is that the plural of Genius?)…turns out there is a physical defect on the hard-drive.  Those Geni are so patient!  Unfortunate because what I really need are the programs on it…especially my Adobe Suites!

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