What’s next?

Friday, May 4, 2012

With 57 days left on my Visa and Contract I have been debating for the last ahem, year month what do next.  Do I go back to the states and find a job in the economy which, from my vantage, seems to be only slightly upturned, do I stay here and continue the job I am loving? do I look for another ex-pat job (perhaps one with slightly better economic advantages)?  If I go back to the states, what type of job do I look for?  My interest in a traditional architectural office has never been strong, I’ve always enjoyed thinking about design from a broader perspective, and with my recent experience would prefer something that works more individuals, a little less in front of a computer.  

Making decisions, especially life decisions, has never been easy for me, and the decision I’ve made today has been no exception.  The contract renewal I have been offered is for another 3 years.  I can hardly believe how fast these past years have flown by and cannot imagine leaving my students or my friends here.  I can’t imagine being ready to leave in the next 57 days, physically or emotionally; but, I don’t feel like I can commit another 3 years.  So, I have signed the contract renewal to extend my stay; however, I have also let them know that I only intend to stay until the end of this year rather than the entire 3 years.  I don’t know if I’ll be any more prepared to leave 6 months from now than I am currently, it will never be easy, no matter when it happens… but for now I’ve been able to buy a bit more time…


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