Sickness = death

Saturday, May 12, 2012

I’m not a doctor, nor even in the medical profession but it seems that far too often people die here from avoidable causes.  They get sick, and go to the hospital and die.  No explanation is given, they are just gone.  In the past few weeks a number of emails have gone out informing us that a staff member has died.  I open the emails and the picture is of someone who looks very young.

This week one of the secretary’s in our department office lost her 21-year-old daughter.  Her daughter had been sick for a few months, the doctors never explained with what and were unable to successfully treat her.  Then on Tuesday she was having trouble breathing, a lot of trouble.  She was taken to the hospital where she didn’t make it.

This seems to be really common here.  It’s not that people don’t die in more developed countries but there is usually at least an explanation and it is much more rare for people to die

I am often frustrated with the amount of time students skip class claiming to be sick.  But I guess if your world is full of people who have died from what seems  (to me at least) to be a simple cold or fatigue you would probably take illness more seriously.  I guess this is one of the injustices of life – your life, its longevity and the importance it is given in society is highly dependent on where you are born and to whom.


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