Through Cain’s Eyes

Monday, May 21, 2012

A while ago (April) I gave Cain my old point-and-shoot to borrow and take pictures of his life for me.  He was very careful and only took a few shots, (he probably thought he took a lot), so the rest of this week I will be posting them.  He gave me permission, although honestly, I’m not sure to what extent he understands the internet.  I told him I wouldn’t post them on Facebook (he knew Facebook but does not have his own account – yet).  I’ve been waiting for him to come visit so we could post them together, but haven’t seen him in a while, I’ve been gone most Sundays which is typically the day he comes to visit.  Here are the first few:

Cain’s Sister / Sista bilong Cain

Cain’s Brother / Brota bilong Cain


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