Prime Minister

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last week the government reassigned the Somari faction to the Prime Minister seat, this was then deemed illegal…again.  Today the headlines state that we have no Prime Minister… With elections underway (and already one reported election murder) embassies have sent out warnings to be on the lookout here.  Then there are the rumors that there are extra police in town, or no police in town or all the police have gone to other areas with more problems?  It’s hard to keep track, except that yesterday I was stopped by one yesterday at a roadblock…Having noticed my safety sticker was expired a few days ago and realizing I left my driver’s license at home I turned around but another policeman with a very large gun waived me over.  He let me go after I promised to return with my license.  I didn’t.  (I got held up at school meeting with students and ran out of time….) so hopefully he doesn’t recognize me later…oops.  I didn’t see him write a plate number down.

However, if there aren’t many police in town then I don’t see how they can have enough to have road blocks, except that is how they make their money….



One thought on “Prime Minister

  1. Today’s headlines have O’Neill back as the Prime Minister…who knows what will come out tomorrow???

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