life lately…

Monday, June 4, 2012

ImageI’ve had a serious lapse of blogging lately but not because life has been boring… quite the opposite!  My schedule has been crazy busy between the end of the semester, school projects, finishing a book for publication (will post a link to it at a later date), planning my travels for the end of June (Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam are on my current itinerary) and the social calendar.  Dinners, meetings, class presentations, the annual Melanesian Art Show at the Melo and a friend’s birthday Disco party (if you are on Facebook with me you may have noticed some ridiculous pictures of me and a pole – no I have not changed careers).

I submitted a few pieces to the art show (which may or may not have been finished the morning of).Image


Front of the invite I designed for the Disco party:Image

70s attire was essential and EVERYONE did their part – it was fantastic!  There was a dance floor (with pole included), amazing food, plenty to drink and loads of friends…one of those nights you wish would never end.  Most of the clothes were found at the local 2nd-hand shops which makes it even more fun putting together all the outfits…

pre-party pose with Mikal:

I like the back of the dress better (and yes, that is the dance floor, built over the pool with a fog machine – I’m telling you – no detail was left uncovered!).  Picture from Jo’s Facebook uploads.



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