I got an email the other morning from a friend returning from ‘down South’ (i.e. Australia) letting me know she’d seen an article in the latest Paradise magazine (Air Nuigini’s inflight magazine – and I’m fairly certain one of the only(?) magazine published for PNG…well at least that I’ve seen?

It was the article written by my friend Renee for Sago Studio that we had worked on a few months back.

I am quite happy to see a number of my students in the pictures!  (Well yes, I did take the pictures, but I gave them a variety to chose from…)

Renee is fantastic and usually has at least 2 articles in each publication. (Her other article in this edition is on Salamaua where I spent this long holiday* weekend).

*holiday – what holiday?  the Queen’s birthday – one of the pluses of working in a Commonwealth country is that we get to celebrate the Queen’s birthday with a nice, long weekend 🙂 No, it’s not actually her birthday, various Commonwealth countries celebrate this on different dates…


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