Election signs

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Election period in PNG is quickly approaching, there is a deceiving quietness about elections here in Lae.  Probably due to my lack of TV and in general a lack of TV coverage.  There aren’t nationally televised debates, campaigning involves a much more localized approach with potential candidates holding local speeches and paying buying encouraging voters to vote in their favor.  From the outside the biggest evidence that their is an election around the corner are the numerous articles making headlines in the papers and the signs posted around town. (Apologies for the pictures – most taken from my car as I drove by…safer than stopping to get out with a camera).

Rumour has it that the majority of trouble will occur in the highlands and in POM, rumor also has it that not too much will happen in Lae with the additional police and other forces around.  However, I’m not too sorry to be missing the action this time, sometimes it’s just not worth the risk as there is a lot of money at stake in these elections.  

Apparently the goal is to get your sign up high enough so the next guy who comes by doesn’t take it down as he puts his up.

While most of the signs are attached to trees (and street posts where they exist), another method is to wallpaper your car and add bullhorns* to the top.

I’d wondered how the signs were surviving all the rains until I noticed they were ‘shrink-wrapped’.

*At least one store in Lae has sold out of an entire container full of bullhorns.


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