Silver course

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The silver course, at Studio 76, is set up through ViaVia and is located in a studio about 20 minutes away by Pedicab, which is turning out to be the easiest way around. The pedicab driver offers to stay and wait as this is probably an easier way for him to get a second fare then hanging around on the street.  Along the way I stop him when I spot a sign for Roti baker chocolate, some street food that Mikal told me to try.  Basically it’s an entire loaf of bread, which is sliced into four thick lengthwise slices, each coated in a thick slab of butter with chocolate sprinkles inside and then fried.  It’s delicious, salty and sweet, it must be the massive amount of butter that reminds me of popcorn.  I give most of it to the driver as, it is an entire loaf, but, oh, ohhhhh, so good!  

The guy who runs the course is very funny with a dry sense of humor.  I design my ring and draw it out onto paper.  On a wider flat piece of silver he helps me cut out the shape and shows me how to sand.  He takes some pictures of me, when I mention that I don’t like pictures of myself he replies, ‘at least you have a face.’ Um, so true.  He laughs and tells me this is the Javanese sense of humor.

The whole process of cutting, heating, sanding, heating, hammering, heating, polishing, heating, polishing takes about two hours.  At the end of which I have a pretty cool ring.  (which I’ll add a picture of later b/c I haven’t taken one of it yet…)

And on the way home, more street food of course…all so yummy (well the stuff I dare try).


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