Phsar Thmey Central Market

Saturday, June 23, 2012

After a relaxing morning and breakfast at our hotel we walk to the Central Market. I want to try street food, I really do, but I keep looking at it and my stomach doesn’t really feel the same way.

The lady below wouldn’t even serve us, apparently she didn’t like our looks, but we did try pickled mangos.  Not bad, but not my thing, when we tried to give them away the first two guys didn’t want them either…hm?After the market we grab lunch, in a Cambodian version of a mall at a Cambodian version of fast food with a great view of the city

and then take my passport to a travel agency to arrange for a Vietnam Visa which they promise will be ready by Monday afternoon.

We have dinner with another Peace Corps volunteer at an Italian place, Luna,which is really, really good for Italian in Cambodia.  (We did have Cambodian last night at a small very Cambodian place where you don’t really have options, it’s just what they want to cook for you, in our case a good white fish).


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