Good times

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I am bruised, battered, and raw – this can only be a sign of a good time.  I’m pretty sure when I left the Yacht Club marina I was in one piece (see evidence below – but notice the slight ominous rippling of water appearing still within the confines of the marina sea walls?).


We laughter nearly the entire, hour-long ride to Salamaua, despite the the rocking, rolling and bouncing we did hanging onto the little yellow boat.  The weather has been beautifully ‘cool’ and enjoyable so I wasn’t planning on getting in the water, just enjoying the scenery.  But seeing as I was already soaked and the option to wakeboard was open I couldn’t resist.  Seriously, how amazing is the scenery (and a picture never does any sense of justice to scenery) –

Totally impressive w mad skillz (and awesome life jacket):

After this the guys tried to kill each other on the sea biscuit (aka tubing)…but my bruises came mostly from the boat rides back and forth…well worth it!



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