Rainy dayz

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Have I mentioned how happy rain makes me?  I absolutely love a good rainy day, and fortunately this time of the year we get a fair number of them 🙂  It’s almost cold!  and maybe I’m a nerd just so super cool, but what better weather to study some of the seminal works of the Modernist architects (especially another day sans power)?  I know my students agree 😉

Based on the laughing I heard I think they enjoyed learning about the Barcelona Pavilion and Villa Savoye – the ‘two-hour’ project took a bit longer but they finished and with pretty good results.

I don’t typically get too many questions in history, especially about drainage, but after building the model they wanted to know where the water went…is this where you burst the bubble and tell them that all these buildings leaked?  It’s like telling a small child there is no Santa.

Mes petits Corbus:

et mes petits MiesiansI think now we can have that talk about those overlapping planes and interlocking spaces of the International Style…




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