Friday, September 7, 2012

I’m on my way to Alotau , a very last minute plan to go for a site visit for a small project I may be starting for a friend.  This also happens to coincide with a project Chris and I are running with our 3rd year students in studio.  Remember the Canoe Festival in Alotau I went to two years ago?  We are having the students do a design for a Cultural Centre in Alotau on traditional water crafts of Melanesia/Polynesia.  My first reaction to this project was that a museum-type project is ‘sooo generic’ in school and isn’t realistic of what the majority of architects get to design.  (Except as a student I know I loved getting to do this type of project…).

I had gone to the fundraising event for the Canoe Festival as well so ‘I’ve got connections.’ 😉  I mentioned to my friend on Wednesday that we’re running this project if they’d like to see the projects when we are done…  He tells me they are actually trying to get a cultural centre built in Alotau for the festival- perfect!  and he’ll be in Alotau this weekend, I should come down with him and take a look at the sites.  Sometimes projects just come together perfectly!

In the midst of everything happening last night, (being interviewed, cooking, packing, Dambe’s sad news, cleaning…) I couldn’t get a ride with Guard Dog, who was fully booked, for my mid-morning flight to the airport, so road in this morning with my very important friend.  I wasn’t booked on the already very full 7am flight – well, being very important means you can get people onto very full flights.  It happens again in POM.  It’s nice to be friends with very important people.


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