Rainy Alotau

Sunday, September 9, 2012

It rained nearly the entire time I was in Alotau, actually it’s been raining here non-stop for the last month I hear. Alotau is a much smaller town than Lae and less industrial so no matter which way you look there’s a great view.  The clouds hide most of the mountains just behind the town – view from the site of the canoe festival and future cultural centre (a.k.a. our student’s site):

From the quant Driftwood Inn, where we have lunch.


We show up for lunch at 12:30.  The chef has gone to market, so we get to enjoy the view longer.  Three of five meals get to the table which actually works out in my favor because I have total food envy.  The fish looks so good I change my order from a steak to mackerel.  Totally worth the wait – grilled mackerel = fantastic!

And the evenings BBQ:

Lamb on the rotisserie, and as the guard watching the fire said, ‘incredible’ – rotating meat – absolutely incredible!

Sunday morning caught my flight back to POM, a fairly typical delay there and finally back to Lae in the dark where it is also raining, a quick but productive trip and nice to get away.


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