My car

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I, um, err…hate love my car.  I hate to be negative around it her/him, I believe positive reinforcement will get me better results but this d* wonderful car has one issue after another.

I guess it’s not her/his fault.  She/he was built to look tough on nice smooth Japanese roads.  Not to actually be driven over hundreds of potholes off-road daily.  From broken windshields (ok, not her/his fault), to messed up pedal sensors and numerous other minor difficulties I don’t know if a month has gone by that something hasn’t had to be looked at.  Recently I decided to quit babying her/him and ignore ‘minor’ issues.  So far, so good, maybe a little silent treatment is what she/he needs.  Then yesterday, out of the blue it starts to shake. At first I wonder if it’s an earthquake, but I just keep shaking as I drive down the road.  Maybe it’s my imagination?  Nope, definitely shaking.  Rrrrgh.  Ok, mechanic shop.

They check the bearings, the tires, ask a lot of questions, and determine that it’s not critical but will need to have the ends of the steering column/ rods replaced.  Both of them.  They are crimped.

So now I drive down the road bumping and rolling, even on the smooth roads.  It’s fun, I hope the tires don’t fall off.  Maybe if I think positively it will fix itself?


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