clean(ed) up…

Sunday, October 21, 2012

It’s always over too fast… you spend so much time planning/setting up and the night flies by…then Sunday morning comes and you have to go back to the scene of the crime and clean-up.  Looking pretty good considering the late night:

Being part of the committee (un)fortunately means you are part of the clean-up crew – toasting to another successful Markham Ball!  It’s not sooo bad being part of the clean-up crew I guess 🙂  It is fun to sit around afterward and hear all the stories you missed the night before…like a few band members being kicked out multiple times for (over)drinking – there was a band?

The best news is that Justin so kindly changed my tire this morning and when I drove back to the hall it was shaking any more – the mechanics at school mis-diagnosed.  I am back to loving my car as it heals itself*.  Sort of.


*If it could only self-heal the big dent on the driver’s door that someone kindly left in it at the grocery store.



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