More ‘stand-offs’

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Earlier this year the students boycotted the council’s attempt to fire our new V.C.  According to my ‘sources’ the council then decided to wait until the students left for the year to attempt this again.  This has not worked as the students got wind of it and are attempting to serve the Council a restraining order preventing them from discussing the topic in their meetings.  The V.C. has hired a lawyer, the Council has a lawyer and the students have their unnamed* resources.  Meanwhile the V.C. who is rumored to be in Fiji is not being allowed back into the country.

Yesterday and today their were crowds gathered in the lawn, to again, protest the Council’s actions.  This time around there are a few students but mostly staff as many support the V.C. and the changes they have seen implemented under his, as yet, short term.

Meanwhile in town various fights have been breaking out for over a week in the settlements.  The first between the Sepiks and Wabags (highlanders), rumored to have begun over a rape perpetrated by one group onto a girl from the other.  This has resulted in at least several deaths and torched houses.  Fights are also breaking out in the ‘miles’ and Bumbu with similar outcomes.  It’s that time of year** again when the problems begin – i.e the riots from last year which led to more problems and more and eventually to the temporary year-plus liquor ban which is still plaguing us.  Driving carefully is key, but fortunately most of the fighting is back in the settlements where you can’t see it.  But not so fortunate for those who live back there and don’t want to be involved, like Dambe, my Haus Meri, who has had to relocate her kids.


*Unnamed for their own protection

**between the Morobe Show and Christmas


2 thoughts on “More ‘stand-offs’

  1. This week we were informed by our V.C. that the ‘old’ Council is ‘out’ and there is a new Acting Chancellor. The new V.C. will remain as the new V.C.

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