V.C. or no V.C.???

Monday, November 19, 2012

Do we have a V.C. or not?  I am so confused.  This morning’s National had done nothing to clear up the mess…In this article they claim that Unitech’s Council has sacked our V.C. in question.  Another article backs our V.C.  Last week and this week we’ve received circulars and emails from both sides, each claiming the other is fired and that employees should not listen to the opposing party.  The basic claims against the V.C. is that he is wrongfully employed and he lied on his V.C.  (Although earlier the claims against him had more to do with what he was trying to go against protocol or something?).  The basic claim agains the Council is that they have been acting unlawfully in their decisions and it seems to stem back to the V.C. attempting to carry out audits over the Council and previous administrations spending.

It seems the rest of us lowly employees are just sitting around waiting for the next piece of  gossip news.  If history has anything to say I’d guess this fight will continue for a bit yet, everything else seems to be running (or not running) as normal.

P.S. If you are like me and don’t come from an English school system and therefore have no idea what a V.C., aka a Vice Chancellor, is…Most similar to a President of a University.  They serve under the Chancellor but take care of most of the administrative duties (my favorite resource – Wikipedia – is currently failing to open so I might totally be making this up).  There is a group of people serving on the council who appoint this person to the position (i.e. the same ones who are now claiming his qualifications are bogus).


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