two weeks to go

Tuesday, 27 November, 2012

Arghh…two weeks to go and so much to do….This is my last week of work, officially ending the 30th.

A brief summary of a few things to do, with the list only getting longer…

  • finalize my research paper
  • find a freight forwarder that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg 
  • have a freight box built
  • sell my car (with its brand new tires) k25,000
  • pack, pack, pack
  • get fitted for diving this weekend (I’m hoping – you can always make time for the fun stuff)
  • clear out at Uni
  • bank/insurance/bills/etc.
  • make big life decisions* about what to do next

*it seems that I will be coming back here to do some consulting work for a while at least.  Good news but does complicate what stuff I move and what stuff I can keep considering I don’t have accommodations sorted…


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