Tami Sunset

Sunday, December 2, 2012

_DSC0548The annual Tami Island fishing comp was this weekend so we went fishing boating and tagged one gumboot (Barracuda)…maybe someone brought bananas on board?The fishing was not quite up to our captain’s satisfaction but in every other aspect it was a fantastic weekend.  Great company, great food (cooked by the guys – eggs and bacon for breakfast, gourmet ham sandwiches, enchiladas and salads…), drinks while floating in the lagoon at sunset, clear starry skies, purchased some local carvings Tami Island is famous for, spent the afternoons leisurely watching a few movies on board- 5 Year Engagement* keeping our eyes peeled on the lines for possible Marlin strikes.

They were kind enough to let Mikal and me go for a dive** where we actually did see a lot of fish*** and I’m super happy because I finally got to dive in this part of PNG.

I nearly backed out of going on the trip with how much I have to do…but am very happy I didn’t.  The work is still here for the week…


*I thought it was really funny and cute, granted it’s been a while since I’ve seen a new movie so I may not be the best judge.  I also liked the second movie we saw – Safe House.

**Diving and fishing don’t usually go together.

***so we know the fish are still in the water, even if they aren’t biting.


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