Home – then and now…

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I hate living in a packed up house and so I’ve been avoiding the moving process as long as possible.  Tuesday I decided I wanted to host our regular Wednesday night dinner at my place…kept it really simple and with some help from my friends it was delicious…Although they did not finish off my alcohol as requested…

Anyways, the packing officially starts in 10 minutes so I snapped a few pics of my house to remember it…


I’ve gained a few more things…luckily not moving most of them!_DSC0562The wall Michael and I painted (based on a diagram by C. Darwin).DSC_0010_DSC0563My wall of bilums…in the last month I have been given at least another dozen.

_DSC0560_DSC0550When I got a real mattress I had Unitech build me a new bed frame which I drew up (they got it pretty close).  The rug is from Kainantu, PNG (although I purchased it locally in Lae).  
DSC_0009_DSC0552 _DSC0554This room hasn’t changed a whole lot (except that normally it’s not quite as sparse because it’s where I work on everything…lately it’s been on finalizing my paper so it’s stayed free of fabric scraps and paint brushes 😦

_DSC0558Very  common in the houses here to have the toilet separate from the shower…(newer ones have  a sink in both rooms which would be preferable).  


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