Moving crate

Friday, October 7, 2012

IMG_3544Kain wrote his name on the inside bottom of my crate.  (So I’ve been misspelling Kain’s name all this time – should’ve known, ‘c’ doesn’t exist in Pisin).

Crate is packed and ready to go…just one little problem…how are these guys going to lift it?  IMG_3648

I can’t watch.  It is too painful as I watch the bottom gap open and images of the sides breaking off go through my head = having to start the whole process over again…They suggest unpacking and repacking it but I disagree knowing there is no way to get everything to fit in it again.  This morning two came to pick up the crate and immediately deduced that it would take a few more.  After lunch they came back with 5…(I would’ve suggested some sort of lifting device, maybe a forklift?  (Notice the design has spacing for a forklift?  They manage to bribe a couple of guys in the neighborhood to help.  I don’t watch but somehow they get it into the van.  I’m slightly surprised the van doesn’t give up and collapse under the weight.

I’m sure that it weighs 3 or 4-hundred quite a few kilos… Won’t have to see it again until it arrives in TN – sorry Dad!  But you do get all that beautiful hardwood for your next project 🙂  hope that makes up for it!


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