Where am I?

_DSC0915One guess…As an Architect I had one requirement for Sydney.  Not that I had any huge personal desire to go see it myself I’ve been waiting my entire life to see it… and knowing I would lose respect from anyone else in the profession if I went all the way to Sydney without going to the icon of all architectural icons in Australia…of course – the Sydney Opera House.  It did not disappoint, but having seen so many images of it in print and film, it did not have any real surprises either.  Worth the trip into the area for the scenery around, if nothing else.  Beautiful botanical gardens and of course the harbor.

_DSC0914The details were the most interesting parts for me, while most images focus on the soaring sail-like form they forget to note the attention that went into the formwork, tiles and connections…_DSC0927During the design / construction phases there was a lot of controversy, eventually leading to the head architect leaving the project.  My favorite nerdy bit of information is that the architect eventually developed the forms to all have the same radius so that the formwork could all be the same as a way to reduce the construction costs…_DSC0912


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