Back to the concrete jungle

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

IMG_0693Nearly four years after first hearing about the job in Papua New Guinea I am returning to New York City to live.  Surreal.

My flight is delayed by a few hours due to rain so instead of going to Antonio’s apartment when I land I head directly to check out two subleases (found on craigslist) dragging my suitcase along with me.  

The first is horrible (but cheap), full of the other person’s stuff and in desperate need of a good purge and cleaning.  The second is surprisingly as good as it looked in the pictures and I have an immediate connection with the girl who is leasing the place.  She’s Norwegian (so is my grandfather) and has a background in architecture.  In fact it’s those two reasons that I make the effort to get all the way up to her place on the Upper East side despite my luggage which seems to get heavier with each flight of stairs.

It turns out I’m really glad I did as I’ll probably take the place.  She has a few more people who will be looking at the place tomorrow but it looks good!


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