9.11 Memorial

Saturday, May 30, 2013

_DSC1320_DSC1317It’s been a few years since I’ve been to the World Trade Center site so when my new friends (and neighbors) Kelly, Joey and Eric decided to go I jumped no the bandwagon.  There has been a significant amount of progress since I was last here in 2009 as there was barely a skeleton of the first few floors of the tower and no evidence of the pools back then.  _DSC1302There are a few ways to get tickets into the site (with a recommended donation of 5 or 10 dollars)…we got ours by waiting in a relatively short line, security inspection and further line into the grounds.  It will be interesting to see what happens when the site is fully open but as it was later in the day and still not quite spring-like weather the crowds weren’t too bad for a Saturday.  
_DSC1306The two pools sit where the towers used to be, with the names of the victims cut into the metal railing which surrounds the pools.
_DSC1328We continued onto Battery Park but had to stop so the boys kids could play (an actual kid informed Joey that he was too big).


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