FDR Four Freedoms Park

Saturday, April 27, 2013

‘Field trip’ (on a Saturday?) to the Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island – my first trip to Roosevelt Island and to this brand new addition to Kahn’s work._DSC1418 Louis Kahn – one of the greatest American Architects – was found dead in a New York subway bathroom, unknown.  He may best be known now for the documentary created by his son, ‘My Architect,’ a personal journey to discover the father he barely knew through the works he left behind.  _DSC1419 His works looked to the past, but are for the future generations.  They are monumental.



Like many of Kahn’s designs there is a clear focal point, symmetrical design and use of positive & negative spaces.  While the design may not immediately strike one as ‘monumental’ or breath-taking, its simple but subtle nuances are well employed on this small triangle of land.  
_DSC1397 _DSC1411

From the Southern tip of Roosevelt Island one can look directly across the river to U.N. – another well known piece of architecture and a view that is rarely enjoyed of the U.N.



Do you know what the Four Freedoms are?

_DSC1406Are these freedoms we (and the rest of the world) enjoy today?  What do they mean to you?


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