City Gardens and Trailer Parks

Saturday, May 4, 2013

It’s New York’s void spaces that make it interesting, the little neighborhood garden’s, the parks, and of course the most famous of them all – Central Park. At the Idea City Street Fest there were a number of creative ideas about inserting more garden’s and parks into the urban environment.

_DSC1493While one concerned citizen showcased plants on the roof of her vehicle this Trailer Park transforms its interior into a portable garden.

_DSC1489 _DSC1488 In a city this dense no space goes unused.  While most New Yorker’s and recent visitors will have heard of, if not visited the High-Line you may not have heard of the Low-Line, a proposal for an underground garden in the Lower East Side making use of a solar tube and fiber optic cables to bring the necessary photovoltaics into the abandoned train station under Delancey street to grow vegetation.  The renderings are beautiful and I love the idea of nature in the subways, of a park that can be enjoyed in all weather and the ingenious beautifying and re-use of a space typically lacking everyday appeal.



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