Emergency Evacuation – If your company does not provide you with Emergency Evacuation Insurance it is probably a good idea as emergency transportation can be very expensive and any major medical need may not be able to be properly handled in the country.  Emergency Evacuation can be purchased on-line from a variety of companies.  I went with a local company because they offered repatriation as well and I’d heard good things about them from others.  X-ray machines and personal to read them are not always available.  Be aware that with any company you chose the ‘evacuation’ may take more than 24 hours and even with insurance you may need to provide personal funds first before the insurance company will have the money ready to pay…

Health – unless you have an ongoing condition it’s not really necessary.  Medical costs without Insurance are pretty affordable for the occasional need as is most medicine that it doesn’t really make sense to purchase insurance.  (I don’t know if the same is true for a family).

Auto insurance – besides the required liability insurance I also had full coverage.  When my windshield was cracked the insurance company fully covered the cost without any deductible.  Car parts can be very expensive in Lae and if you have an ‘uncommon’ car than the parts will probably need to ordered.

Personal Belongings – I never had to use this but friends who did found Tower Insurance to be reliable.

Tower Insurance – not the only insurance company but the one I used…


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