Internet is available in Lae from several companies.  Currently the most competitive is through Digicel.  (Telikom also offers internet services)

They offer a wireless service both post and pre-paid, with what I consider fairly reliable service and a decent speed.  (This is after living here for 3 1/2 years…if you are coming from someplace like the States then you may not have the same feelings…)

Prepaid rates – Average rates per megabyte peak/unpeak k0.33/k0.25

Current Postpaid rates – post paid K150/1000mb/month; overage usage peak/offpeak – k0.22/k0.16.

If you are used to an unlimited wireless service 1000mb for a month is enough to check email daily, limited Facebook use, limited picture transfers and very limited Video skype-ing can be done.  I stress the ‘limited’ on anything that runs continuously (i.e. Facebook or Skype) as this can quickly use up your allowable data.

The internet has drastically improved in the 3 1/2 years I’ve lived in Lae, both  terms of availability (mac compatible now), speed, and cost…This might suggest it will continue to do so 🙂


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