Online Car purchase

I bought my Mitsubishi Pajero from Pick n Buy 24, the other reliable online site is Japan Vehicles

Costs will be more than the online price…the rule of thumb I used is to double the price of car for shipping and then double that total for PNG taxes and other fees:

When I purchased my car (2010) this was the formula I used for importing and it was fairly accurate:

CIF x 1.6 (60% excise duty for vehicles with engines under 2700cc) + 10% gst on the CIF + Excise Duty + custom clearance of ~1500 to 2000 kina.

Insurance and registration fees were several thousand more Kina.  Insurance is required in PNG, but personal insurance is not.  I purchased that through Tower Insurance (also where I purchased health and covered personal valuables).  Registration can be done by a secondary party, if you get tired of waiting in lines and doing things 2 or 3 times then I’d recommend this.  I did mine with Complete Auto located out at Malahang Industrial Park.

Fuel is k3+ / liter for Petrol.  Most people prefer Diesel in PNG because it’s cheaper (therefore Diesel vehicles tend to have a higher initial cost).


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