Unitech Campus

Campus is fairly large and includes enough resources to ‘get by’ without needing to go to town… (sort of).  Directory (nothing valid online).  If you work at Unitech ask your department secretary for a Unitech directory.  (Although numbers are often out of commission).

Local Market – has fresh, mostly in-season, produce.  (nearly always available:  Bananas, some form of cooking greens, kaukau (sweet potato), coconut.  Commonly available:  tomatoes, limes, onions, broccoli, carrots, pineapple, small peppers…)

Convenience Stores – rice, flour, sugar (check for ants), biscuits, peanut butter, frozen meats, milk, occasionally eggs, bread rolls, toilet paper, cleaning products, tinned meats, tea, instant coffee, soft drinks, etc… (hours 7-ish to 7-ish, can vary).

Clinic – ok for basic needs, malaria tests, anti-malarials, pain killers, stomach issues…hours 8-ish to noon, 1-ish to 5-ish), I think they are open a couple hours on the weekend.  For anything major the two international clinics in town are Tusa (between Eriku and Top Town) and the Lae International Hospital (LIH) (by the Ports), both privately run.  LIH is much larger, has a pharmacy and an emergency center, Tusa would also have doctors on call.  The public hospital is Angau.  None of these is ‘perfect.’

LIH – Marsina Street Lae, (PO Box 1026 LAE) Ph: 472 7133 Fax: 472 5757

Tusa – (PO Box 171 Lae), located near the Forest Research Centre – corner of Huon Road and 13th, Ph: 472 4688, Fax: 472 1740, Email: tusa_hospital@datec.net.pg

Library – currently there is no access to online databases, if you are coming to research do not rely on the Library as your only resource.  I shipped my own books over and am soooo glad I did.  I would not have had much to teach from otherwise – although the number of books now available for online downloading makes this comment nearly void.  The library does have books on PNG that would probably be hard to find most other places though.  Also Amazon does ship to PNG!  (If you will be teaching in the Architecture Department they have their own small collection of books).

Rainforest Habitat – one of the few ‘tourist’ sites in the area…there are crocs, cassowaries, tree kangaroos as well…I’ll let you be the judge of the experience.  Looking for a place to hold an event?  They rent space as well…

Security office – Has at least 2 numbers – make sure to get them both…you never know when you might need to call them.  While I’m on the topic – for your security make sure you always have credits on your phone and it’s charged so you can make an emergency call…

There are a few testing facilities on campus (concrete, medical, etc.)

And just this year – an ATM machine!

Some pictures of campus…

My fellow colleagues:  http://www.unitech.ac.pg/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=46&Itemid=117


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